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This guide is designed to help students begin historical research.



Ptolemaic letter on papyrus

This guide contains information that is meant to help orient you to doing historical research, with a specific focus on doing historical research at Sacred Heart University.

Please use this homepage and the tabs above to learn about the various types of resources (with specific examples) and research tools/techniques available to support the information needs of Sacred Heart's students and faculty who wish to do historical research.

Please contact your Social & Behavioral Sciences Librarians if you have any questions or suggestions. If you're working on a history project or paper, we can help! Contact us to set up an individual research consultation.

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Other Interesting (and potentially useful) Blogs

Believe it or not, historians blog too. (I've included scholars in related disciplines in this list, though they might not be historians per se). This informal format often offers insights in historians’ psyches, which are not so readily gleaned from their scholarship alone. This mixing of the personal and the professional can make the subject matter more affecting for some people and the informal fomat allows for better transmission of certain types of knowledge. Luker, Ralph E. "Were There Blog Enough and Time." Perspectives on History. May 2005.

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This LibGuide was created by Patrick Gavin.

It was revised by Rob Berry and is currently maintained by Barbara Hampton ( 

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Non-functioning link?  Other concerns?  If you have questions or concerns about this guide, please send an e-mail to or call (203) 371-7726. Thank you.